Honey Badge Hook Knife (medium) – Black

1,200.00 Points

20000 Points


Honey Badger’s frictionless opening and closing action, facilitated by two opposing roller bearings containing a total of 18 ball bearings.

Very few knives ever achieve such an immaculate action, and makes using them a real pleasure.

Technically, a gut hook is more of a blade feature as included on a blade, than a blade shape itself. Gut-Hooks usually appear as a small, sharpened hook-like curve that interrupts the spine as it slopes toward the point. These have one main use: field dressing wild game. The design of the hook allows hunters to cut through an animal’s skin without piercing or damaging what lies under it. Honey Badger’s specific gut-hook design features exactly the same cutting-edge profile as the drop point Flipper model, but with an added gut-hook for the field dressing of game.

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