Ram Quadra-Pod Shooting Stick 1.6M

1,980.00 Points

33000 Points


– Can be used as a normal bipod or split the front and back to allow for 2 points of contact on your gun.
– 2-way height adjustable between 100-160cm.
– All 4 legs are easily adjustable and silently extend and collapse.
– Individual locking mechanism on each leg ensure a secure and stable standing position on any terrain.
– Snug fitting foot joins securely connect the 2 legs.
– Compact size of collapsed product allows for easy storage and carrying. Velcro straps included on each leg to secure the
– Quadra-Pod in the collapsed position.
– Lightweight aluminium construction for easy carrying.
– Weight: 1.5kg
– Material: Aluminium Alloy
– Nylon reinforced fibre glass
– Number of parts: 4
– Maximum extended height of

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