Taser Stun Gun with 5M Distance Range Laser Pointer Alarm and Torch

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-This Taser Fires From 5m Away With Laser Pointer Accuracy
-Simply Load A Cartridge Onto The End Of The Taser
-When Ready To Shoot -Simply Push The ‘Fire’ Button And 2 Steel Pins With
-Wires Connected To Your Gun Shoot Out Up To 5m And Penetrate 1 Centimeter
-Hold The Button Down To “Stun” Your Attacker
-Cartridges Can Be Shot Once And Then Must Be Disposed Of
-Kit Includes 3 FREE Cartridges
-Once Cartridge Is Fired – The Actual Gun Can Doubles Up As A Stun Gun
-New Taser Laser Gun with laser pointer Specifications:
-Power 4.8V rechargeable battery
-Output Voltage 80KV
-Launch range = 2.5m to 4.5m +/-
-Electric penetration shock +/- 30 seconds
-Built in taser + taser gun

  • What’s in the box
    1 x Taser Stun Gun with Laser Pointer Alarm and Torch
    3 x Cartridges
    1 x Charging Cable
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